Piccolo Ethos

UK Flag

Piccolo is proudly made in Great Britain.

Although we always try to source every ingredient from within Great Britain, there are a few, such as sweet potato, which are not available in the UK due to, in this case, climate issues. These ingredients are sourced from abroad but the quality we expect for these are just as high as with any other ingredient from Great Britain.

By sourcing sustainable ingredients from Great Britain we can be sure of the origin of our ingredients, support our industries, while having the added benefit of lowering our carbon footprint.

Animal Testing Policy

Piccolo does not participate in any form of invasive animal testing. Our recipes are trialled on the pets owned by our family members, friends and selected breeders. All these pets lead their normal everyday happy lives!

We will never fund or participate in any invasive animal testing or research.

Artificial Colours?

Pets don't care for fancy colours which would be added to a food only to make the product more interesting to the owner - there would be absolutely no benefit to your pet.

Genetically modified ingredients? Growth hormones?

Piccolo products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMO's) or growth hormones.

Keeping Stuff Natural

At Piccolo, we believe there is no necessity in adding artificial additives to our foods when there are natural, healthier alternatives.

Artificial Preservatives

Pet foods need preservatives to give them a reasonable shelf life and we have chosen to preserve our foods naturally using mixed tocopherols (a blend of vitamin E) and rosemary.

There are health concerns over the use of artificial preservatives such as BHT, BHA and ethoxyquin so we do not use them in any of our foods.

Artificial Flavours?

Our delicious foods are made without artificial flavourings, using real meat and natural ingredients. Much healthier, we think.