*Sorry big dogs, this isn’t for you.

More meat in every bite

Small breed dogs have a higher metabolic rate than their larger cousins, so they need food with a higher meat content

Our chefs have cooked up a delicious feast, tailor‑made to suit the the energy needs of your little one.

The perfect size
The perfect crunch

Some dry foods are too hard for little mouths to
munch on. Our expert chefs and taste testers
(dog & human) worked tirelessly to create
a kibble that is exactly the right size,
with a really satisfying crunch.

Health that glows

Your little ones will be the talk of the dog park, rocking their beautiful fur coat.

We've included high levels of zinc and the optimum ratio of Omega 3 & 6 which keeps their coat looking fabulous, and their skin healthy.

We’ve evolved.

Our packaging is now more beautiful on the outside,
and as lovely as ever on the inside.